The Luxurious Residence in Moscow, the Epic City of North, met with Lazzoni!

The Luxurious Residence in Moscow, the Epic City of North, met with Lazzoni!

The luxurious and distinguished residence, located in Fili Park, Moscow, the capital of Russia, is designed by the famous designer, Anastasia Muravyeva and Lazzoni products gave life to the residence in the project, which was started by Muravyeva to design a modern and chic house!


The project for 140 m2 apartment is designed with the theme “to create a comfortable and temperate indoor venue”. The project that perfectly matches with the style of designer, Muravyeva, stands out in Moscow as a place that combines plainness with chic details.


Stating that she carefully implements the areas of interest of her clients to the project, the designer told that residence owners like seas and overseas traveling, deal with sailing races and therefore she prefers to use blue and various tones of blue color on white background when selecting furnitures and fabrics, which do not strain the eyes.

Gola Sofa, which is used in this project to create a modern, chic and plain venue, is combined with Pietra Coffee Table with marble surface placed in front of the sofa and a natural and comfortable flow is achieved.


The venue that was colored with orange pillows and toss pillows was also balanced with walnut tones of coffee table and dining table and so it has become a place that does not strain eyes.


Color tones in harmony with the entire venue were chosen for the chair fabric in order to ensure that dining table does not differ from the main concept and marble surface was preferred for the table, similar to Pietra Coffee Table and so naturalness is highlighted.


Armada Chairs were positioned in front of the window to create an extra space for resting.


Attracting the attention with its moving headboard, the fabric of Gema Bed was preferred to be in green and green color tones, inspired from the colors mainly used in the bedroom.


Products used in the project:

Gola Sofa – Eva Armchair – Slim Chair – Pietra Coffee Table – Hera Dining Table – Armada Chair – Gema Bed


Elle Decoration – For our news coverage in Russian Media:

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