Styling Tricks For Small Spaces / New York City Studio Apartments

Styling Tricks For Small Spaces / New York City Studio Apartments

For us in New York City, we’re no strangers to small apartments. Living in this exciting, bustling city has its downsides–re: closet-sized homes. We’ve had to learn how to get creative, creating a space that’s multifunctional and still chic at the same time (nobody likes a cluttered, crowded room!) From micro and studio apartments to lofts and one-bedrooms, there are a handful of styling tricks for getting the most out of your space. Keep reading to discover how to design your room to make it feel more “mansion” and less “dorm.”   Design by Selin Bora (Project Manager at Madison Showroom) 


Even if your entire home is a 15x10ft room, it’s always a smart (and fairly easy) idea to still separate the room and show the different areas. For example, if you’re unable to spread a sofa and bed out, put the sofa at the foot of the bed so there’s designated lounging and sleeping areas. Fun fact: we can design and create wall dividers for your apartment to separate the space even more. The same goes for the kitchen and entryway. Keep a table-to-desk near the kitchen for easy clean-up and dual purpose for when work follows you home. Our desks can be done in wood or lacquer, making it easy to go from eating dinner to finishing that project or assignment with the easy-clean and durable surface. Because smaller rooms clutter quickly, keeping a coat rack by the front door will help you avoid turning your bedroom (area) into a giant hamper within seconds. Designating specific spots in your house, no matter how small, will make it feel more like home.  

Hexa Bed

The other important factor to note when maximizing your space is buying and decorating with pieces of furniture that double or triple in functionalities. Like the dual desk and table collaboration mentioned above, we carry many products that have multiple uses and functions. Some of our beds come in all sizes from twin to king, while the majority come in queen and king. That’s not the best part–most of these beds have storage underneath, perfect for even the smallest of spaces. Depending on the bed, the storage capacity ranges, but there’s always plenty of room for storing those off-season clothes and shoes, luggage, extra blankets and pillows, and whatever your heart desires. Some of the beds also have an accent light that’s great for when you’re reading or working from bed. What’s better than a bed that functions as extra storage and a soft lamp? Our Hexa, Istanbul, and Tuta Beds are the most popular (for good reason!)  

Staying on the topic of beds, we have the perfect solution for those trending micro apartments: the Langoni Wall Bed. This murphy-bed-meets-wall-unit-meets-sofa extraordinaire combines a place to sleep, a place to lounge, and a place to store anything from clothes to books in one piece. Talk about multifunctionality!   

If you do have a little more space to work with, whether your home is a larger studio, one-bedroom, or a two-bedroom/office, a sleeper sofa is a smart (and often chic) way to add dimension and function to your home. We have a variety of sizes in our sofa beds from the compact Kema to the sectional friendly Vetro. Bonus feature: the Vetro’s sectional offers storage in the chaise. For the smaller rooms, our sleeper sofas with removable arms will take up the least amount of space while still giving plenty of room to sleep or lounge. For slightly larger rooms, our Budka and Vetro sofas shift to create a larger sleeping area. Our popular Mony Sofa. is also a winner when it comes to a chic, modern sofa that doubles as a lounger. With its adjustable backrests and armrests, the Mony has a dual width and length. Say hello to those frequent visitors!  


Another uber-functional collaboration we have is our Stone Dresser and Sophia Make-Up Table combo. The options vary from using one dresser and a single-legged make-up table or placing the tabletop on two separate dressers for those longer walls. Also, don’t let the name of “make-up table” fool you! While it’s often used as a vanity, it has widely been purchased as a desk due to its flat surface and hidden storage compartments. This combo is great for apartments big or small.  

Now onto the bigger picture: your color palette. We recommend sticking to a lighter color scheme to allow the room to appear larger and more open. Dark tones tend to make rooms feel smaller to the eye, so by using light, neutral tones (and try to stick to three main shades) the eye is tricked to thinking the space is bigger. That doesn’t mean you can’t add in pops of color! We just recommend adding them in smaller doses. For example, design your bed with a beige or walnut headboard, your sofa in grey or cream, and accent pieces (such as a dresser, nightstands, or table) in a coordinating light wood or lacquer. Once those main pieces are in, keep decorating with soft shades and add a lamp, throw blanket, or pillows in your dark or bold colors.  

If there’s still some assistance needing designing your space (whether you’re at a blank slate or only need one new piece,) we offer a complimentary interior design service to make your house feel more like a home. We love every project, no matter how small!  

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