Burj Alfardan Tower met with the Designs of Lazzoni!

Burj Alfardan Tower met with the Designs of Lazzoni!

Burj Alfardan Tower, located in Lusail, a region of Doha, the capital city of Qatar, which is well known with its marina, shopping centers and holiday villages, is designed with Lazzoni products.

Lusail, newly developing region of Doha, continues to host thousands of tourists every year both for shopping and vacation. Located in this spectacular region, Burj Alfardan Tower, which hosts top class brands and prestigious companies, is designed by Project Department of Lazzoni by using exclusive and standard products.

All requirements and requests of the customer were carefully implemented to the project thanks to production power of Lazzoni and design sensation of its Project Department.

The dining court within the structure and tables, chairs and terrace furnitures of this court were produced in the form of garden furniture in harmony with outdoors. Large sitting areas and chic details of the products are grabbing the attention.

This area was designed carefully either for dining or to take a coffee break and rest.

It was usually aimed to reflect a plain and modern style for the guests with a minimalist approach in the designs and also exclusively designed products in harmony with overall design approach of the venue were used in the project.

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